Prison Ministry

Jesus Christ’s said in Matthew 25: I was in prison and you came to visit me. "Many years ago when I was involved in Prison Ministry with Prison Fellowship in New York City, I had the opportunity to facilitate bible studies with the City's Correction Department  at one of their prisons Rikers Island Prison as well as attended Prison Fellowship 2000 Operation Starting Line.

Operation Starting Line (OSL), a program of Prison Fellowship, is centered around a collaborative network of national, regional, and state ministries across the country that together seek to evangelize and disciple juvenile and adult prisoners and their families through the transforming power of Jesus Christ. OSL events cover many different formats including large-scale gatherings with entertaining performers, dynamic preachers, ex-prisoners sharing their stories, family-connection events, and discipleship and prayer workshops. Volunteers who feel called to help with OSL are asked to sign up through their local Prison Fellowship field staff who will provide training. Volunteers will learn the common do’s and don’ts of prison ministry, and will be prepared to hand out ministry brochures and booklets, assist with event set-up, and share the accepting love of God by simply talking with inmates as they hear the gospel clearly presented.

President Nixon’s “hatchet man” Chuck Colson was incarcerated for Watergate-related crimes and experienced first-hand the despair of those behind bars. In 1976, he was inspired to found Prison Fellowship to help restore lives and families broken by crime and incarceration. Prison Fellowship equips wardens and prison staff to provide prisoners with safer environments and restorative programming that truly prepares them for reentry.We advocate for a criminal justice system that recognizes and advances the dignity of human life. And we train and inspire churches to mobilize congregations and communities like yours in welcoming back redeemed individuals. We need faithful friends like you to ensure that the work of Prison Fellowship continues and that prisoners and their families receive the support they need and the message of Jesus Christ. Prison Fellowship makes it possible for caring believers to help take the life-changing Gospel to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families.


Chuck Colson